🔮Campaign Types

- Secured Campaigns

Secured Crowdfunding Campaigns involve the use of smart contracts to hold the funds raised until the goal of the campaign is achieved or the deadline is reached. If the goal is met, the fundraiser can request to withdraw the funds. If the goal is not met, a grace period of 7 days will be granted after the deadline, during which time the fundraiser can initiate a petition for a vote to withdraw the funds. Each donor will have an opportunity to vote and express their opinion. In the event that the petition fails, all donations will be refundable to the donors automatically. This system is decentralized, trust-less, public, and automated, offering a secure and transparent way to handle funds raised through crowdfunding.

- Direct Campaigns

In Direct Crowdfunding Campaigns, the funds raised are directly transferred to the fundraiser's wallet address. This type of crowdfunding is suited for campaigns where the achievement of the fundraising goal is not a critical factor. The funds raised are immediately accessible to the fundraiser.

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