🔧Editing Campaigns

Step 1: Go to your campaign page & click on edit Campaign

To ensure seamless editing of your campaign, kindly confirm that you are logged in to the platform with the wallet that holds the campaign ownership. Upon accessing the campaign page, locate the "Edit Campaign" button and click on it. This action will redirect you to a dedicated editing page, where you can efficiently update the relevant campaign details.

Step 2: Click on fill campaign details to fetch current campaign information and populate them automatically

Once you are on the dedicated editing page, to expedite the process, utilize the "Fill Current Campaign Details" function. This feature will automatically populate all the existing campaign information, allowing you to only modify the necessary changes.

Step 3: Make any changes & Submit

After making the desired modifications, carefully review your updates to confirm accuracy. Once satisfied, initiate the changes by clicking on "Update Campaign". This action will initiate a transaction to apply and save the updates to the campaign.

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